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Chacruna Live Plant


Botanical Name: Psychotria viridis
Common Name: Chacruna, Ayahusca Yage
Form: Live Plant

Description: The classical mixture of Ayahuasca and Yagè commonly employed throughout Amazonian Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. Related to the coffee plant in a large genus of over 700 species, Psychotria viridis is a small glabrous tree or shrub reaching 14 feet. This is a sacred plant used by shamans and curanderos in their native rituals. It’s use has been documented by the Sharanahua and Culina Indian tribes of the southwestern Amazon basin, the Kofá Indians of Amazonian Colombia and Ecuador, the Kashinahua of Eastern Peru and Western Brazil, plus in Tarauacá in the Acre of Brazil amongst others. The plant in the photo is the actual plant you will recieve.  It is well rooted, fast growing and will be shipped in it’s 4 inch pot with soil.  This plant is sold as a houseplant and for it’s historical value only. It is not for consumption or ingestion in any way.

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